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Bad Boy Alphas 11: Alpha's Prey - Audiobook

Bad Boy Alphas 11: Alpha's Prey - Audiobook

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Bending her to the bear’s will

The human thinks I’m stalking her. Maybe I am. But I’m not the only one. There’s something evil in these woods, and it preys on single women. 

I’m not about to let the sexy scientist fall into its lair. Even if that means holding her prisoner in my cabin. Keeping her where I can see her at all times. Bending her to my bear’s will. 

Just until the storm passes. Until her research is finished. Then I’ll let her go. I swear. 

Publisher’s note: Alpha’s Prey is a stand-alone book in the Bad Boy Alphas series. HEA guaranteed, no cheating. This book contains a grouchy, manly bear with a penchant for protecting and dominating his female. If such material offends you, do not buy this book. 


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