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Bad Boy Alphas Bonus Book: His Captive Mortal Paperback

Bad Boy Alphas Bonus Book: His Captive Mortal Paperback

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For centuries, I've suffered under a curse, and searched tirelessly for the woman who can break it. Now I've found her in a dark alley, walking home at night.


She tries to fight, but there's no escape. She's my prisoner. I'll keep her until she figures out how to free me.


She's feisty, but I'm in charge now. She'll learn to bow to her vampire master and obey my will. Once the curse is gone, I'll let her go.


But then she gives herself fully to me. Her submission and surrender. She's sweetness, love and light.


You made a mistake, little mortal. I've tasted your forbidden fruit--you gave it to me freely.


And now I want forever...


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