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Shifter Ops 2: Alpha's Vow Paperback

Shifter Ops 2: Alpha's Vow Paperback

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The sweet human is pregnant with my pup. 

We had one night together and then she ghosted. Apparently, I'm not part of her "life plan."

Whatever, baby. Plans change. 

She thinks I'm a player. That I won't stick around. She thinks I don't have what it takes to be a dad. 

That I won't drop everything and dedicate my life to our baby. To our family. To her. 

She's wrong. She thinks I'll walk away? 

She has no idea what she's in for. A wolf never walks away from his mate, and he always protects his pups. 

I may not have marked her yet, but I will.

And if she tries to run, I'll follow. 

I'll hunt my beautiful female to the ends of the Earth.



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