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Midnight Romance, LLC

Lee Savino's E-Book Starter Library

Lee Savino's E-Book Starter Library

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Lee Savino Starter's Library includes 5 popular novellas full of maximum spice and swoony happily ever afters.

  1. Sold to the Berserkers 
  2. Beauty and the Lumberjacks 
  3. Royally Bad 
  4. Her Marine Daddy
  5. Her Dueling Daddies 


Sold to the Berserkers

One glance and we knew she was ours.

We’re the Berserkers. Fearless warriors.

And she’s our captive.

The woman who can tame us.

The only one who can soothe our inner beasts.

Her scars lead to her past.

She’s been hurt.

Sold to us in the middle of wilderness.

Now, there are no boundaries.

She’s ours to protect.

To endlessly pleasure.

We need her to break the curse.

So, she must choose.

Will she escape?

Or take her place as our true mate?

Look Inside Chapter 1

The legal papers sat on my car's front seat, and as much as I tried to ignore them, they wouldn't go away.

Only twenty-eight and divorced. How sad is that? my brain commented, and I had to agree. The one thing I'd thought I'd done right in my life—marry my high school sweetheart—had come to a bitter end.

Deep in self-pity, I tossed the papers into the back seat of my car and headed inside my favorite local coffee shop. I almost wished I'd just gone through a chain with a drive through, instead of The Bean Counter, but with a name like that, they had my loyalty forever. 

My head was in such a state that I tripped over the cute sandals I'd dug out of the back of my closet in honor of the beautiful spring day. The toe caught the curb and I almost went down, flailing like a fool on the sidewalk.

"Dammit," I muttered, then glanced around nervously to see if anyone had heard me. My nan always told me I had no filter, just said the first thing that popped into my mouth. 

"Stubborn, too," my gramps would always add. 

My gramps had tried to warn me, I realized as I headed inside The Bean Counter. He'd told me Chad was no good, we'd butted heads over it, and in the end I'd walked out on him and Nan, and eloped with Chad at twenty. 

Eight years later, I had divorce papers and a broken heart. The thing I regretted most was that Gramps had died before he could say, 'I told you so.'

I pushed the shop door a little too hard and to my horror it swung out and hit a man standing in line at the counter. It wasn't totally my fault, the shop was small, and the waiting man had shoulders and biceps roughly the size of Alaska.

He turned to see who'd hit him, his mirrored shades angling to me, and the sight of this hunky hulk, six foot amazing and one hundred percent muscle, sent the thoughts of my ex clean out of my head.

Wow, my brain said, adding, Don't do anything stupid.

I shot the man a winning smile, and the corner of his mouth turned up in return. My brain was still crowing a point for me when my sandal, sticking to its course of sabotage, decided to trip me again.

Of course the hunky hulk caught me, and I got a close up of his awesome, bulging muscles under beautiful tattoos. 

"Oh, my god," I breathed. "Your muscles have muscles."

My brain gasped in horror.

The wrinkles around the mirrored shades crinkled. 

Dork, my brain hissed. To my horror, my mouth kept talking.

"I mean, you look like you could pick up my car and throw it. I can barely get down to the gym."

Shut up, shut up. My face turned bright red under the perusal of mirrored shades. 

My coffee shop savior set me on my feet, one large hand at the small of my back to steady me. The sunglasses swept up and down and I froze, knowing he was checking me out.

Hunky hulk grinned. My knees went weak and I almost started drooling. Not to mention the state of my panties… I mentally added laundry to the list of things to do today. 

He turned to the barista. "Whatever she wants, I'm buying." Muscles stepped aside and the barista, who also looked a little dazed at the spectacular sight of her customer, transferred a wide-eyed gaze to me.

My tongue chose that moment to trip over itself.

"Go ahead, order something," the hunk commanded softly, his voice deep and gentle at the same time.

He flashed that white, panty-dropping smile. 

My brain stopped scolding me and swooned. Luckily, I'd ordered the same drink for fifteen years. I turned and parroted it to the barista, who looked like she'd just fallen in lust. Both hers and my cheeks were pink.

His hand still hovering on my back, Mr. Muscles added his order, dropped a bill on the counter, and escorted me to the side to wait for our drinks. 

The barista called after him, asking if he wanted change, and he shook his head with a smile. Her cheeks flushed further and she tucked a coy strand of hair behind her ear.

For a second my heart sank. Barista girl was tall and thin and looked like the sort of girl who'd flirt with a muscled stud muffin like this. But then the hunky hulk transferred his gaze to me.

Chiseled jaw, full lips and a slight smile: my body did the math and the tally was yummy.

Please don't let me say anything stupid.

"You didn't have to do that," I told him.

"I know," he said in that deep purr. "I wanted to." 

He kept his hand at my back, no longer touching me but close enough for me to feel its warmth, as if I might fall over at any time. Which I might, and not just because of my stupid sandals. Maybe he was just used to women swooning with lust thirty seconds after they'd met him, but his protective stance reminded me of the way my gramps used to escort my nan around, treating her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

"Um, so I would tell you that I don't always say the first thing that pops into my head, but I do, all the time. My nan says I have two ears and one mouth to listen twice and speak once."

The slight smile deepened to a grin. "Worked out for you today."

"I'm having a rough week," I confessed. "I'm just got served the papers for my divorce after a year's separation." My brain cringed, but Muscles didn't seem put off by the mention of my ex.

He cocked his head. "Sorry to hear that."

"Don't be. I'm trying to tell myself it's a good thing. He…" cheated on me for years, emotionally and verbally abused me, lied behind my back… "needed to go."

Shut up, Cassie, shut up. Just stop talking.

"Then I'm glad he's gone." The rumble in his voice turned dark. 

I searched for a witty and charming way to change the subject from my pathetic life, and noticed a tattoo just under his sleeve. 

"That's a cute dog," I said, then silently cursed myself. Under the script 'Devil Dog' was a growling bulldog with a cigar in its mouth. The exact opposite of cute. "Well, maybe cute isn't the right word."

My brain gave up trying to get me to shut up and decided I should just move to Alaska. 

Muscles grinned down at me like I was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. It was an amazing sight, this big, rough man with a little crinkle at the side of his mouth and eyes, total attention on me.

It was a little off-putting.

"Sorry," I gasped, a little out of breath. "I really shouldn't talk in the morning before I've had coffee."

"You're all right, babygirl." 

A happy feeling curled through me at his gentle rumble. I glanced at the tattoo again and noticed the scrawl underneath: 'USMC'.

"The Marines! My gramps was a Marine. Now I know where you got all those muscles." The way he held himself looked familiar, reminding me of the easy poise my gramps always had. I could totally imagine him in uniform… and out of it.

Stop staring, Cassie. I couldn't help it, though. The man, who I'd mentally started calling 'Devil Dog', was the finest specimen of manhood I'd ever seen. After a few seconds of study, I noted his hair was a bit too long for an active soldier.

"Are you off duty?"

"Out two years ago. Medical discharge."

"Oh," I said, casting about for something to say. "You look pretty healthy to me."

"Got hurt on tour. Afghanistan."

"That's too bad. I bet they need guys like you over there."

A flicker of pain crossed his face and he angled his body away from mine. Embarrassment flooded through me like cold fire. I'd finally put my foot in my mouth, and the vibe I got from Devil Dog was that he'd rather be anywhere but here. 

Well, that's that, my brain said sadly. It was fun while it lasted. The rest of my body wept.

The barista set our drinks on the counter, prompting my escape. 

"I'm sorry. Like I said—I shouldn't talk before caffeine… or ever. That was really rude, and… sorry." Grabbing my coffee, I dashed out the door. 

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