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Midnight Romance Publishing, LLC

Bad Boy Alphas 9: Alpha's Bane - Audiobook

Bad Boy Alphas 9: Alpha's Bane - Audiobook

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She ruined my life, got me thrown out of the pack.
The only revenge I crave is her.

I never thought I’d have a girl like Sheridan. A pack princess - beautiful, smart, one of the elite. She picked me. She gave me her heart, her innocence.
Hurting her was my biggest regret. But then, she betrayed us all.
Now, she’s back - sent to spy on our pack.
She wants revenge.
But my wolf...he just wants her.

He crushed my heart and broke my trust. I ruined his life.
Now, we have to work together, and it’s killing me.
I want to hate him. But more than that...I want his mark.

Alpha's Bane is a stand-alone second-chance shifter romance. No cheating or cliff-hangers.


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