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Midnight Romance Publishing, LLC

Shifter Ops 4: Alpha's Fire - Audiobook

Shifter Ops 4: Alpha's Fire - Audiobook

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I’ve waited 1000 years for my mate. If she rejects me, I’ll burn down the world.

She woke the dragon.

Every maiden dreams of being rescued by a handsome prince from a deadly dragon. But I am the prince and the dragon.

Ancient courtship rituals demand I steal my bride away. Imprison her in my high tower. Show her my treasures, my vast lands and armies.

I’ve done all that, and she still refuses me. She says she can’t see herself with a man who still thinks Istanbul is Constantinople.

I must woo her, and I don’t know how. But beneath my beating human heart, a dragon sleeps. And when he wakes, no one can stop him from destroying the world.

No one but her.


This is an Audiobook

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