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Werewolves of Wall Street 3: Big Bad Boss - Marked Paperback

Werewolves of Wall Street 3: Big Bad Boss - Marked Paperback

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No one can know I've claimed the human as my mate.

The enemies are at the gates–one wrong move and I’ll lose it all. My world will never be safe for her.

If my pack finds out that I’ve mated a human, they’ll revolt. The fractures will grow deeper than ever and we'll be picked apart one by one. 

The lives of everyone I love hang in the balance. 

Madison may bear my mark, but she isn’t content to remain my dirty little secret. 

Now I must choose–love or my pack. 

Either way, one will die.

Marked is book three in the Big Bad Boss trilogy. The books must be read in order. It features a billionaire boss-hole wolf shifter and his freakishly smart assistant.


This is a paperback book


All paperbacks are print on demand and as a result are not returnable. If you've purchased this by accident we MAY be able to refund you if the book isn't already in process.

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